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The Labyrinth

“You walk the labyrinth set into the pavement, and it seems there is no sense in it. But if you follow it faithfully it leads you straight to the centre. Straight to where you should be.”

(Thomas Cromwell speaking about Chartres Cathedral in Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel)


In June 2012 Angeliki Tombrou with her teacher Roelien de Lange brought a shaman group to Casa Lucia for a week’s workshop. Their main aim was to create a labyrinth centred on the St Michael’s leyline which passes through Corfu and through Casa Lucia.                

st michael ley line

The original Greek labyrinth of Knossos was chosen as the pattern and the group laid out the shape of this complex creation which has now been filled in with stones and rocks from all over the island.
The labyrinth
is dedicated to the Bear and to the Eagle Spirit, calling the place blessed and protected.

 We feel honoured to have been involved in the creation of this sacred space, and thank Angeliki and Roelien and all their group for their gift. Our guests are invited to enter the labyrinth, taking with them if they wish a stone or what they will. This should be taken to the centre, offered to the sky, the earth and to humankind through one’s heart and then placed to continue the circles. You return in reverse direction.

When Dennis and Val first came upon Casa Lucia, it was a ruined olive press set in open meadows, and they were entranced by its very spiritual feeling of calm and well-being. This has only grown in strength and we hope all our guests and friends will bring something to the labyrinth and take away whatever it offers them. Αnother dimension is given to meditation and contemplation.The deep calm and clarity of mind that takes over before even reaching the centre is particularly impressive.
It took us a few years to complete the stone circles… Νow it is ready and available to you for a walk (or a run, very effective!), ceremonies, therapies, personal practice and whatever else may arise.
We thank Alfred and Alexis, Dimitri and Anastasia for their hard work in completing the stone circles: and Margreet for her beautiful mandala.


visible on Google satellite coordinates 39.668423 19.819244 39.668423 19.819244