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Jueves 30 Julio 2015, 09:00pm

ματσιουλης  english

On Thursday, July 30th Matsioulis springs out of Vlach tales. A comic figure offers an initiation into the joy of life, spontaneity and longing for adventure. In this first trip of his Matsioulis learns about the many faces of love and death.
A satirical and poetic puppet theater with '3 lalloun'. At 21:00 by donation.

The Vlachs are a nomadic tribe of the Balkans and Central Europe primarily farmers who lived in the plainsin the winter and in the mountains in the summer. In their tales, improvisational or not, the main character is Matsioulis. Matsioulis, the one born from a pumpkin, is made to satirize, sometimes from the perspective of children and sometimes of adults, various forms of power such as priests, bosses, landowners and even a strict parent or grandparent. "3 lalloon" found in Matsiouli an affinity with Punch or Fagiolino or Pulcinella and this performance derives from the first contact of these traditions.

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