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Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Level 1 With Rosemary Wallace
Miércoles 21 Junio 2023

Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Level 1 with Rosemary WallaceΑrt of Listening: how do we listen?
Ιnner inquiry asking questions of the self: reflecting on what has been, what is now, what will be.
Αnatomical guidelines regarding body systems, their rhythms, pulses and fluid flows ~ the underlying forces that determine how we function.
Workings of the cranial sacral system ~ the core-link.
Anatomy of the cranium : spine : sacrum : fascia : diaphragms : meninges.

An introduction to the ‘primary respiratory system’
~“the pulse is felt as a whispered wave coursing throughout the body”~
The Breath of Life as stated by W.G. Sutherland

Becoming aware of the internal sounds and pulses of the body through direct hands on experience ~ Discovery through personal experience.
Palpation potential.
Silence stillness.
Physical and psychological aspects of ICB.
Awareness of the body's innate intelligence.
Embracing holistically, the essence of being human.
Whole body evaluation ~ the body as a whole expresses a widening from side to side in inhalation, followed by a narrowing in exhalation ~ a significant diagnostic tool.

Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamic study programs may provide a therapist, body ~ worker, with an additional resource tool for inclusion in their already existing practices.
ICB is an extremely powerful tool offered to the receiver by extremely gentle touch.
Casa Lucia, Corfu, Greece
21 June - 28 June 2023
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Rosemary Wallace - Facilitator
Rosemary has a passion to motivate, to inspire, to facilitate.
She presents the study programs in an uncomplicated workshop format. Her facial expressions, unorthodox descriptions of bodily movements and the ability to side step answering most questions are renowned!
Her very special quality of listening to life and to a kaleidoscope of beings, plus the quality of her presence are already a gentle and smiling invitation to perceive from a different perspective, ourselves, others and the environment in which we reside in the universe.
She travels the globe as an itinerant facilitator, sharing her deep, gentle and passionate knowledge of the fluid flows and tides within the systems of the body, to those who wish to listen and learn through inquiry ~ laughter is always an integral component of all presentations.
As a thanatologist, Rosemary has been privileged to work in hospice and hospital environments and with individual families as their loved ones approach their final days of life. The application of Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics, gentle touch in this setting, is profound.