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Desde Viernes 07 Octubre 2022
Hasta Martes 11 Octubre 2022

tewtreeTew will explore two basic traditional teachings:

- Xin Ping Qi He (Heart at Peace/ Qi in Harmony)

-Sung Wu Ru You / Yi You Ru Wu (From the Formless enter Form. Through Form enter the Formless)

which are more relevant now than ever in the strange times we are still coping with as they underpin our approach to healing, to being well and staying well.


5-day Programme

Starting  Friday morning October 7th and finishing  Tuesday October 11th  at 1.30 pm

Self-catering shared accommodation or with breakfast and lunch on all five days.

For bookings please contact Val 


Daily Programme:
08.00-09.00: Taiji/Qigong
10.30 -13.30 : Taiji/Qigong
15.30 -19.30: Taiji/Qigong & Meditation
Tuesday until 1.30pm. Closing followed by lunch.



Born into a diplomatic family in Bangkok in 1947, Tew Bunnag was educated in England and read Chinese and Economics at Cambridge University, graduating in 1968.
In 1975 he helped to establish a spiritual therapeutic centre outside Cambridge which combined traditional Eastern practices such as meditation and T'ai Chi with Western approaches.

In 1986 he moved to Greece with his family and opened the Centre in Athens, teaching t’ai chi and meditation, at the same time travelling and teaching in Europe.  
In 1989 he came to Corfu for the first time and started the Corfu T’ai Chi group, giving monthly classes and summer workshops. 

After an absence of a few years in Thailand, he returned to Corfu in 2007 and has been visiting the island every spring and autumn since then.  He is the founder of the European School of T'ai Chi Ch’uan and divides his time between his home in Spain, and Bangkok, Thailand, where he is very actively involved in the Mercy Centre for street children and families with Aids.   
He is an author of works on T’ai Chi and meditation, as well as novels and stories of life in Thailand. In Spain he is currently the president of Vinyana , an association offering training to doctors and nursing staff as well as family carers on integrating Spiritual Care and how to find a compassionate way to treat and help the dying.