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Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Level 2 With Rosemary Wallace
Desde Jueves 29 Septiembre 2022 -  08:00am
Hasta Martes 04 Octubre 2022 - 06:00pm

Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Level 1 with Rosemary Wallace

We are happy to welcome you back for further study :
study program TWO
overview of six day course curriculum ~ 42 hours
*pre-requisite, integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics ONE*
space and stillness in the Cranial Field
balance patterns : addictions : equilibrium in movement
inner inquiry personal inner journeying
discovering the infinite subtleties of the flows, the waves, the rises and falls of bodily rhythms
recognizing health
anatomical components of the cranial system cerebral spinal fluid : meningeal membranes : structures related to production, resorption and containment of cerebral spinal fluid : meningeal membrane attachments
temporomandibular joint stress pain tension cycle : feedback loop
facilitated segment a highly excitable segment of the spinal cord
patterns of the cranial base spheno-basilar/junction/synchondrosis
intra-oral assessment the hard palate & its relationship to its articulating bones
holistic evaluation:
• letting go of agendas
• relaxing protocols
• celebrating intuition
• saying I don’t know, rather than giving a false diagnosis
• finding the grace to follow ~ finding the grace to refer
• the wisdom of the body - timeless - eternal
• the dynamic stillness of being
Facilitator: Rosemary Wallace
Residential option is offered with shared accommodation and lunch provided.
contact Ageliki for more information
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