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Detailed programme

Yin & Yang Kung Fu Classes
Saturday 27 May 2023, 10:00am - 01:00pm

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Nam Yang Greece and Spring Academy welcomes you to a season of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu at Casa Lucia ☯️.

Is Martial Arts something that is calling you and that you have never dared to try ?

Do you feel that you need to get in shape ?

Is your energy level very low ?

Is your mind struggling to focus on one thing at a time ?

Are you wishing to get back into Martial Arts ?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then these classes are made for you !

We will practice and learn very simple and powerful ancient techniques to change the way we stand and look at the world.
Kung Fu is not just about fighting. It's about becoming master of ourselves ! Developing our full potential and achieving a long and successful life.
The classes are designed for all levels of fitness and experience, they will include some light warm-up and stretches.

Every Saturday a 3h Yin & Yang Kung Fu session.
It is recommended to attend both Yin & Yang sessions for a more complete practice but it is possible to attend only one part of it if necessary.

From 10am to 11:30am: Yin Kung Fu Class, Chi Kung, Walking Meditation & Shuang Yang(Tai Chi).
From 11:30am to 1pm: Yang Kung Fu Class, Warm up, Traditional Shaolin Yang training & Stretch.

About the teacher :
Thomas Croc is a Martial Arts Teacher, specialised in Traditional Shaolin and Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu.
He has lived, trained and worked as a full time instructor at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Thailand.
He is a student of Master Iain Armstrong , who was a disciple of Master Tan Son Tin. Since 2020 Thomas is living and teaching in Greece and is in the process of creating a Nam Yang Greece branch of the school.
Thomas Croc lives and teaches in Corfu and offers intensive Kung Fu retreats.
For more information visit www.crockungfu.com


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