Passing throughWe are living in extraordinary times.
Trust in our instincts and nature may be shaken.
Maintaining awareness of how we function as organisms restores the natural solidarity between things.
For our family and our micro-community, this is how our resilience is preserved.

The last year has imposed deep introspection and we have found that resilience requires integration and therefore coherence.

Two families made this clear to us. Two traveling families arrived at Casa Lucia looking for Spring Academy, wanting to live here for the winter. tree climbing1For the months they were here, they followed an intensive Ensoma family program, English lessons, practice of Agile Learning Tools and more. They made it all ONE.We honor that we, due to kinship, relationship, cohabitation, etc., have what has been limited.

Our small family business is our home and our home is our small family business. Our home being open to share the place and the way we live is what we do. What we do is what we are. And somehow, after all this, it all makes so much more sense.

We honor the meeting place that this land is and commit to it even more.

We are making Casa Lucia, Ensoma and Spring Academy ONE and we feel full of hope.

Would you like to join us in making hopeful dreams come true?
There are so many ways to do so.

  • If you have an idea or an interest please contact us.
  • Book your stay at Casa Lucia now!
  • Support our non-profit Spring Academy

Let's stay in touch!                       


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Staying well during Covid with Taiji and Qigong-Tew Bunnag

An incredible weekend.

Beyond managing, against all odds, to receive and shareTew Bunnag’s invaluable teaching we managed to bring the digital world back to it’s quantum nature, to Wu.
All that is actual in the virtual was safeguarded. There is no end to the potential within the restriction.









25 people from all over the world, so far and so close.

“Recovery of space must be accompanied by recovery of time: in this respect the lockdown is a gift” Tew Bunnag

tew1  tew5

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Hello Winter

After 7 peculiar months we “come back stronger”.

clownsWe had the honor of hosting a 10-day Clown Residency with Gozde Atalay Kokkoris.
Whatever may have been pressuring us, they snapped us out of it. Thank you Clown Spirit.
In addition to the clown spirit (never gives up) we experienced that while following the measures against the spread of COVID-19 not only seminars, gatherings and sharing can happen but also that with these measures a very special aspect of humanity emerges.

So we venture into winter with new/ancient knowledge.

Our houses are now available for long term rentals.tew

The activity room "Estia" is supported by a second room, the "Nest", a kitchen and outdoor dining area. These spaces can be used separately and in combination.

Our garden, labyrinth and pool (for a while longer) are at your disposal before and after classes. Spaciousness and nature. Everything needed for these times.

You can learn our news here on our new blog and by signing up to our Newsletter

We hope to see you soon, in person or on line!

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