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Three days with Lamia Bedioui
Donderdag 02 Januari 2020, 10:30am
Tot Zaterdag 04 Januari 2020

Lamia Bedioui

New dates will be announced soon.

We are thrilled to welcome back the incredible Lamia Bedioui.

This time for three whole days with two wonderful three day workshops and a performance

2-4 January 10:30-13:00

Storytelling Workshop “The Dream traveler” for 8-11 year olds


  • 2-4 January 16:00-19:00 (2 & 3 January) 15:00-17:30 (4 January)

Voice Workshop "Looking for the Voice ..." for adolescents and adults


4 January 19:00

Performance "The Kingdom of Elves and Fairies" for all ages


“The dream traveler”

Storytelling workshop for 8-11 year olds

Fairy Tales are an excellent pedagogical tool and a source of creative inspiration for children.
The benefits are manifold: fun and emotion while deepening the use of language, developing listening and imagination skills, as well as improving confidence in oral expression in public.

The workshop "The Dream traveler" is on the art of storytelling and fairy tales. 
I will introduce students to the art of speech which is an art of transmission. I will focus on this because I find it important to reconnect children with speech, dialogue and listening, as story telling also means knowing how to listen and requires coordination of voice, movement, sight and hearing.


- transmitting a story
- persuasion in storytelling
- stimulating the imagination
- the structure of a fairy tale
- how to memorize a fairy tale
- creating a fairy tale starting from its building blocks, such as the hero, the rival, the places, the magical objects ....

We will work first with the children’s imaginary or actual stories and then with traditional fairy tales.

A complete group is required for the workshop to take place so please contact us for details and to book in good time.

"Looking for the voice ..."

Voice workshop for adolescents and adults

There is a deep connection between our voice and our being.
The voice is more than the sounds produced by the larynx. The expression, the beauty and the quality of the voice come from the body, the whole body and the soul.
But voice is also a bridge between our inner world and the world around us.

Working with our voice gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves and others. It is a physical and emotional act that allows for openness, self-acceptance and authentic expression.

Together we will look for the relationship between voice, body, movement and emotion.
We will accept and overcome our fears and resistances in order to open up a field of possibilities where we welcome the different qualities of the voice we hide.
The purpose is to liberate and explore the voice.
We will look for where sound resonates throughout the body.

The axes of the work will be:

- Positions, alignment and relaxation of the body.
- Physical exercises to activate sound production.
- Breath Release: Diaphragm exercises to regain the diaphragm's flexibility and mobility and thus relax it.
- Connect the sound to the diaphragm.
- Movement and voice.
- Voice exploration and improvisation.

The workshop is for whoever is interested in getting to know their voice and those who work with it: storytellers, singers, teachers ...
Wear comfortable clothes and have one or two songs in mind which we'll be working on.

A complete group is required for the workshop to take place so please contact us for details and to book in good time.


“The Kingdom of Elves and Fairies”

For all ages

xotikoOnce upon a time in a distant land .... in the invisible kingdom of Elves and Fairies, magical, strange and miraculous creatures lived.

A world that lives in the shadows of forests, caves, fountains, rivers, lakes, canyons and wells, comes out at night, celebrates with dance and song under the moon's glow and leaves with the third crow of the rooster.

In a festive and playful mood, we will share tales full of humor and adventure.

Tales about fairies like butterflies sitting and bathing in the branches of trees and combing their long golden hair, devious elves who, when angry, cause havoc, hard working leprechauns who go to the upper world to steal wine or corn from the cellar or babies.

Creatures sometimes benevolent and brave and sometimes monstrous and demonic.




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