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Labelled bins are placed in each cottage to enable separation of rubbish for recycling: all food waste goes to our compost bins.
We use eco-friendly substances for cleaning the houses and working in the garden, and the minimum amount of chemicals to keep the swimming pool sparkling.
We have not installed television or air-conditioning in the cottages nor blanket Wi-Fi.
We believe that the inconvenience of walking a few metres in order to log on is far outweighed by the protection from harmful rays which our thick stone walls provide. Another advantage is that our guests, in particular their children, can play and work on their devices in company of others rather than shut away indoors.
Cable connections can be installed and we are improving Wifi for digital workers and those who need to work in private.

We have installed solar panels and are planning to expand into a totally clean energy system. Our water supply is our own and a fine German filter system gives us unlimited drinking water cutting out entirely the use of plastic bottles.

A local organic farmer brings us vegetables, eggs, honey, olive oil on demand.

Plans for future ecological housing and glamping on our land next to Casa Lucia have been partially realized with the installation of an ecotoilet and sun-heated shower.