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"When the body talks" Susana Noemi Abigador
From Thursday 02 June 2016
To Monday 06 June 2016

NOMADA and Casa Lucia are delighted to welcome Susana Noemi Abigador back to Corfu. She brings with her Danza Vital, Physical Expression, the book "When the body talks" and an Argentinean breeze...

"Physical Expression" has been integrated into the curriculum of the School of Nature and Colours of Fourfoura in Crete.

Giouli Bosdelekidou, the director of the school, notes:

The book "When the body talks": "Is the most comprehensive and informative book I have seen. The methodology is straightforward and the steps gradual."
In the classroom: "The methodology and the music give children the opportunity to move their bodies in ways that they would otherwise not use during school hours; they come into contact, they touch and trust their classmates. They play with the limits of the body and of the contact. They leave the lesson with a sense that they have flown or swam to the bottom or laid down in the clouds ... (how I envy them) with many images and colors in their mind "
The teachers: "They see an aspect of the children which they would not otherwise see. It offers opportunities for cooperation and creativity. They start the day with a beautiful routine!”

More information:

"Movement, the salvation of the soul-a handbook with exercises for teachers and group animators" Stavroula Skalidi (Kathimerini, 29 April 1016)

SusanitaSusana Noemi Abigador is a representative of «Expresion Corporal» (Physical Expression) in Greece and creator of the system «Danza Vital», (Self-Knowledge Dance), Experiential Methodology consultant and author of the book "When the body talks"Gialos Publications.
She was born in 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through training in different dance and theater techniques (in Brazil), she chose Physical Expression as a way of life and learning.
In 1979 she continued her studies in Madrid, where she took her first steps in teaching Physical Expression in theater schools and for teachers (primary and kindergarten teachers).
In 1986 she came to live in Athens. A few months later her first group begun and she has been teaching Physical Expression, Experiential Methodology, and the Danza Vital system. From 1988 to 2009 she worked in ANIMA (School of Artistic and Creative Teacher training).
Since 2009 she collaborates with "Paichnidagogeio", "Childhood Emotions Museum ", the "Emotional World", dance schools, theater schools, etc., in Greece, Cyprus and Argentina for professionals in the field of education, art and psychotherapy. She has worked with theater groups like Karolos Koun's Theatro Technis on the choreography of the tragedy "Iphigenia in Aulis" in 1990 and 1999 in Epidaurus, with the Cyprus free theatres on the tragedy "Bacchae" at Herodium, with the City Campus, Dimo Zografou, the theater Fournos and more..
Continuing her training, she attended, among others, dance therapy workshops (the Maria Fux) system in Argentina, and Primitive Dance with Professor Sorbonne France Sschott-Billmann in Athens, Neutral Mask with the Belgian professor Luc de Smet.
In December 2011, her first book "When the body talks- Physical expression Methodology and exercises” was published.
But the "greatest education" comes from the wealth offered by the teaching itself, which brings her into essential and direct contact with people. Their participation in the courses alone is the most important source of inspiration for anyone who has something to teach.

Information about NOMADA: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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